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Cyber attacks are growing in severity and sophistication. Attackers are well resourced, clever and highly motivated, often understanding aspects of security technology better than IT managers. The scale of the threat to organisations is huge.

That’s where CORVID can help.

We’re an experienced team of cyber security experts, developers and analysts based in Cheltenham, UK, who are passionate about delivering innovative, robust and extensive defence systems to help protect businesses against cyber threats.

From enhanced email protection to vulnerability scanning or network defence, our range of cyber security solutions are designed to meet the threats facing businesses today.

Most importantly, we want to develop the right system for you, giving you peace of mind, guidance and support when you need it most.

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What makes CORVID different?


Our pedigree

We’re proud to be part of Ultra Electronics, an established FTSE 250 company providing smart electronics technology.


Our customer values

We develop close business partnerships with our customers, understanding and meeting their security needs from day one.


Our technical agility

Our technology is predominantly developed in-house, ensuring that it does not fall behind the attackers activity.


No user disruption

Our technology causes no disruption to users and is designed to be frictionless to the IT operations of an organisation.


24 x 7 coverage

Our defensive and detection systems operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, supporting clients across every time zone.


Hunting as standard

Unlike many Managed Security providers who offer hunting as an advanced option, we offer it as standard.


You keep control

Our customers receive a Broker that ensures they are always in control of all the information we can access.



Our remediation scripts resolve any compromise; without incurring the necessity to rebuild hosts and increase downtime.



We provide business-driven performance metrics to customers, to inform at both executive and IT level about the cyber landscape.

How we started


CORVID was developed in 2013 by Ultra Electronics, a FTSE 250 company specialising in providing smart electronics technology for the aerospace and defence industries.

The sensitive technologies being developed by Ultra Electronics were at particular risk of cyber attack, and traditional defences were insufficient to combat the evolving complexity of threats. A better and more comprehensive solution to the cyber problem was required, and CORVID was born.

The protection offered to Ultra Electronics was so successful that it was decided to make CORVID available as a commercial solution. Now, our expertise, intelligence, tools and technology are available to protect any businesses against cyber threats.

It’s simple to switch cyber security provider

If you are considering switching cyber security provider, we are here to make the process as simple as it should be. Our engagement team is on hand to consult with you on your security needs, outline how our service provision can integrate with your existing environment and implement a solution that is right for your business.

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What our customers say about CORVID

“The real value has been not only the Consultant’s ability to draw on his extensive knowledge but also to reach out to his network of industry and government experts to validate thinking.”

Managing Director, Technology Solution Provider

“The CORVID team are passionate about what they do, which comes across in the service provided.”

IT Manager, Engineering client

"CORVID acts as an additional layer, validating what we are doing and providing us with a pair of eyes from very skilled experts, which we do not have internally. This fills me with confidence that the business is protected."

IT Manager, Manufacturing client

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