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If you are considering switching cyber security provider, we are here to make the process as simple as it should be.

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Our engagement team is on hand to consult with you on your security needs, outline how our service provision can integrate with your existing environment and implement a solution that is right for your business.

There is no requirement to baseline technologies or procure additional hardware or software, and the service is up and running providing enhanced protection from day one.

We’re ready when you are.

Six signs you are ready to switch

If you can’t answer yes to any of these questions, then you may be ready to switch.


Are you secure?

With an average dwell time of over 100 days before detection, can you be entirely sure that your estate isn’t compromised? The CORVID protocol assumes compromise; our analysts continuously hunt for malware, dramatically reducing our detection time to under 24 hours. If uncertainty remains, our Compromise Assessment will determine whether a threat exists.


Are you informed?

Understanding the exact nature and detail of serious incidents is critical. The implications of not being informed is commonplace, with high profile breaches and financial penalties.

CORVID’s forensic investigation and remediation ensures provision of answers to keep your business operational, negating the risk of severe reputational damage and compliance with stringent data regulations.


Are you getting value for money?

It’s important to justify your IT security protection. It’s even more important to demonstrate true value for money.

If you divide your annual IT security budget by the number of incidents investigated per year, and the figure is greater than £20K, is it being spent appropriately? CORVID ensures justifiable cost versus benefit output.


Are you in control?

Handing over some or total control of your assets to your managed security service provider has its flaws.

Providing full access immediately weakens your security posture. CORVID’s solution supports transparency and inspection; our Broker ensures complete customer control of release of metadata and our unique approach to proactive malware hunting negates these frailties.


Are you up-to-date?

Application of threat intelligence updates can be cumbersome and subject to a time lag. CORVID’s intelligence is timely, accurate, actionable and relevant.

The platforms that need to process, generate or act on intelligence have to keep evolving. If the intelligence is not updating daily, you are probably out of date.


Are you on the radar?

Customer logos and case studies often adorn managed security provider websites, highlighting the breadth of their client base. Raising the profile of a company’s defence solution can increase their vulnerability and make them a bigger target.

Rest assured that the CORVID service is discreet; we will never release the names of our customers.

Thinking of switching? Get in touch

For customers looking to switch, CORVID is pleased to offer a complimentary compromise assessment, to review the current security posture of your business.