Our pedigree

CORVID was created to satisfy the need for intelligence-led cyber security solutions that could protect against, as well as detect, the modern adversary.

Where we started

Ultra_logo_greyIn 2013, Ultra, a FTSE 250 company that specialises in providing smart electronics technology for the aerospace and defence industries, needed a solution to better equip them against cyber attacks. The sensitive technologies being developed by Ultra were at particular risk, and traditional defences were insufficient to combat the evolving complexity of cyber threats. A stronger and more comprehensive solution to the problem was required.

Research led Ultra to determine the best and only option was to develop a solution in-house which would deliver the capability and sophistication required. So CORVID was born.

Where we are now

The protection offered to solve Ultra’s cyber challenges was so successful that the decision was taken to make CORVID available as a commercial solution. Now, our expertise, intelligence, tools and technology are available to protect other businesses against today’s cyber threats.

Our core services include:

Our customers

We develop close partnerships with our customers, understanding and meeting each business’ security needs from the outset. When you work with CORVID, you join a community that is committed to providing excellent cyber protection for everyone. Whether you work in manufacturing, legal, financial services, education, communications, IT, aerospace or engineering, our services are scalable and tailored to your goals.

Also, as our service is built on trust and discretion, we will never name your company or promote our partnership. Your security is paramount and we guarantee your privacy.

We have used CORVID since September 2017, and the regular monthly meeting to review the service reports and to discuss the wider threat landscape is invaluable. These meetings help us to develop a greater appreciation of security issues, and they also give CORVID a greater understanding of our business, enhancing their ability to tailor their advice and service to our needs.

Head of IT and Operations, financial services

The various services which CORVID provides give us a good degree of confidence in the strength of our defences, and also the reassurance that if an attack occurs, we will receive a rapid expert response to mitigate the impact and quickly return our systems to normal.

Compliance Manager, legal

Our people and culture

The breadth of skills and expertise CORVID has is unparalleled. The team is fully conversant in all areas of cyber, and excels in working for the greater good.

corvid-team-pedigreeCORVID empowers ideas, and each team member is encouraged to actively grow their own area of expertise, while sharing new ideas with the wider team to improve our core offering. There are initiatives running alongside our daily operations to develop new capabilities, the benefits of which we can then pass on to our customers. Our intelligence is timely and if we uncover something of importance, we share it with all the relevant official bodies – we’re proud of these established relationships. Our varied backgrounds and extensive experience allow us to deliver a comprehensive service that is developed, nurtured and managed in-house. Keeping ahead of the latest attack trends isn’t just a day job, but our way of living.

We work as a close knit team and keep this collaborative mindset when working with you, ensuring we are always aligned to your goals. Agile working is second nature for us, and our hard work, dedication and passion come across in everything we do.

We’re based in Cheltenham and that’s not by coincidence. As a growing hub for cyber security in the UK, the talent here is unrivalled. Because of our culture, values and work/life balance, we’re fortunate to attract like-minded professionals who are just as dedicated in mitigating today’s cyber threats.

Sound like something you'd like to be part of? Take a look at our vacancies to find the role you've been looking for.

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