Managed cyber
security solutions

Protect your business against cyber attacks with our range of intelligence-driven, fully managed cyber security solutions.

Assess your risk, understand your threat landscape and implement coherent cyber security with CORVID. As your trusted and discreet security partner, we work in partnership to protect your IT and make your job easier.

Our service is dedicated to meet your concerns and priorities. Get peace of mind that your IT estate is protected from the latest threats, malware and phishing attempts.

Advanced Email Protection Solution

Alleviate user blaming and use technology to stop adversaries reaching your users directly. Our advanced Email Protection solution identifies fraudulent and malicious emails and applies the appropriate security protection, before filtering them through to your users’ mailboxes.

Vulnerability Scanning Solution

Identify weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and maximise vulnerability reduction with minimal effort. Our automated Vulnerability Scanning service helps you prioritise your security effort and streamline your patch management, making your IT estate a harder target to compromise.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Solution

Identify threats early, restrict the window of opportunity and remediate attacks before adversaries cause business damage. Our comprehensive Managed Detection and Response service provides proactive threat hunting and swift incident response, for continuous cyber security protection.

Complete Network Defence Solution

Protect your network against threats that have evaded your firewall and anti-virus, with intelligence-based attack detection. Our sophisticated Network Defence solution provides added security as an IPS and uses the latest adversary intelligence as an IDS, driven by our security analysts.

How our intelligent cyber security solutions work together

Our range of managed cyber security solutions have been developed to complement each other. We offer continuous protection that is built on a proactive mentality and tangible expertise. Our approach is to assume an estate is compromised, so our intelligence constantly sweeps your estate using those indicators – if a breach occurs, dwell time is significantly reduced, limiting the impact to your business.

Our services are quick and easy to set up, with no user disruption.


What makes CORVID different?

We’re security pioneers, committed to providing industry-leading cyber security services with integrity.

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Our approach

Why work with us?

We are committed to future-proofing your business from the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. We work with you to make your life easier and deliver the results you deserve.

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