FENIX Incident Response

Advanced incident response and recovery in the event of a cyber security incident

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FENIX – Quick recovery from cyber attacks

FENIX is Corvid’s specialist incident response solution. In the event of a company being compromised by a cyber attack, FENIX provides the ability to identify how and where the security breach took place, what information was accessed, and how to recover systems quickly.

FENIX provides expertise and guidance when it is needed most.

Understanding the risk to your systems

Most organisations will at some point, suffer a cyber security incident. This is a side-effect of being connected to the internet. Some recovery approaches can cause major disruption to the business and loss of vital information surrounding the attack. Corvid’s meticulous approach to forensic remediation ensures business continuity and retention of all data artefacts.

How FENIX works

FENIX works by making use of a bespoke agent that mediates on all information exchanges between Corvid and the customer hosts.

A simple Broker interface allows customers to specify the types of information Corvid can access, whether manual (customer) approval is required for certain types of metadata extraction and whether Corvid can examine potentially malicious files. The Broker keeps a comprehensive audit of every single piece of information that Corvid has sent and received to the agent to satisfy even the most demanding of auditors.

FENIX gives you answers to key questions

In the event of a security breach, the Broker allows Corvid analysts to extract the necessary forensic information to undertake a detailed incident investigation, answering…


How did the compromise take place?

The payload delivery mechanism is identified and when the incident started so that the window of opportunity can be determined.


What information was accessed?

Corvid can identify which files were accessed and on which dates so that the business can understand what information has been compromised and take appropriate action.


What is the most efficient recovery mechanism?

The Malware is removed without the need to rebuild hosts due to the precision applied during forensic investigation.


How do we ensure that an attack is not repeated?

After identifying and fixing the vulnerability, FENIX ensures that the same attack is not suffered twice.

Key features

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Quick business recovery

FENIX ensures a quick recovery in the event of a cyber security attack.


Maintain control

Corvid’s security experts take care of complex technical tasks, but ensuring that the customer stays in control.

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No repeat attacks

FENIX ensures that the same attack is not suffered twice.


Corvid expertise

Corvid analysts are well versed in translating technical forensic issues into information and decision points for customers who are not specialists within this field.

Get FENIX Incident Response for your business

FENIX Incident Response is available as a standalone service or as part of one of our great value cyber security packages. To find out more about FENIX or to request a free demo please get in touch.

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