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CORAX – Defence against internet-based attacks

Corvid’s CORAX service provides an advanced level of internet security at the DNS layer, reducing the chance of compromise during routine web browsing.

CORAX provides added security against online threats including malware, botnets, malicious indicators and dropper sites, dramatically reducing the damage that can be done to an organisation.

Understanding the threat

Websites may contain different elements served from all around the world. If an element is compromised at its source, it could infect your computer through the website, resulting in potential loss of financial information and personal details.

Many organisations still rely on unproven service providers to deliver their web browsing security. CORAX provides an advanced level of security, ensuring websites are unable to deliver malicious content and preventing attackers from gaining control of a compromised computer.

How CORAX works


Whenever a computer communicates with an internet resource (such as a website) it is normal to use the Domain Name System (DNS). DNS provides a “friendly” name to identify resources, such as instead of using the IP address

CORAX works by replacing the normal DNS server with the Corvid Domain Name System server. It provides all the same information and name to address resolutions as any other DNS service, but because Corvid is providing the address resolution, it has significant security benefits for customers.

When CORAX is providing the DNS resolution to internet resources, Corvid analysts are able to:


Prevent attacks

Attacks are prevented by denying computers access to known dangerous sites


Identify the threat

Malware types that have been deployed and are active within an estate are identified


Isolate the threat

Malware is isolated from the attacker using a “DNS sinkhole” to render it inert and unable to be controlled.

Continuous analysis

CORAX deploys their large intelligence and analysis engine to enable Corvid security analysts to identify malicious internet sources. CORAX uses detection techniques based on threat intelligence as well as Just in Time Analysis. When CORAX detects connectivity to a site that it doesn’t know is safe it analyses it to determine whether there are any characteristics that would suggest it could be hostile. Corvid refers to this as ‘intelligence on demand’.

Key features


Safe browsing for all users

With CORAX, IT administrators and users can be confident their documents and data are safe.


Intelligence database

Behind CORAX sits a large intelligence and analysis engine which helps Corvid security analysts to identify malicious internet sources.


You remain in control

IT administrators have greater control and can use this technology to simplify the management of website access for their users.

Get CORAX Internet Security for your business

CORAX is available as a standalone service or as part of one of our cyber security packages. To find out more about CORAX or to request a free demo please get in touch.

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