PICA Malware Hunting

Don’t wait for a problem to happen. PICA proactively hunts for malware across your system with full remediation

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PICA - Protection above traditional anti-virus software

Corvid’s malware hunting solution PICA has been developed to provide malware detection over and above what can be achieved by traditional anti-virus software.

PICA is different from other malware detection tools. It doesn’t wait for a problem to happen, but instead proactively hunts across your system and assumes compromise unless proven otherwise. This restricts the window of opportunity of an attacker from months down to hours, dramatically reducing the damage that can be done to an organisation.

Understanding the malware threat

Malware attacks are on the increase. Every day new strains of malware are being detected and those behind them are using increasingly advanced evasion techniques to ensure that their malware manages to establish itself.

Whilst traditional anti-virus software provides some protection, the threat landscape is ever-changing and any organisation could be vulnerable if not adequately protected.

Assurance and peace of mind

PICA’s active malware hunting service provides peace of mind through:


Active hunting

Actively hunts for malware across all hosts (laptops, workstations, phones, printers and servers)


Automatic detection

Automatically identifies unknown files and memory processes


Custom remediation

Confirms prior malware activity and provides custom solution

Key features


Daily analysis

Corvid’s security experts continually analyse all protected hosts to find new malware.


Real security experts

PICA’s daily analysis is conducted by security experts, not by a heuristic engine that can be emulated and defeated by sophisticated attackers.


Simple implementation

Corvid’s bespoke agent sits quietly on the host without interfering with user activity


Infection assurance

If an infection does occur, Corvid’s analysts provide a custom remediation solution.


You remain in control

Our Broker system allows our customers to remain in control of Corvid’s access to data.

Get PICA Malware Hunting for your business

PICA is available as a standalone service or as part of one of our cyber security packages. To find out more about PICA or to request a free demo please get in touch.

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