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At Corvid we understand that every business is distinct with different cyber security requirements. Our great value protection plans let you choose exactly the right products and security level you require.

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Frequently asked questions

I’m not sure which protection plan is right for my business

It is essential to understand your risk before spending money on security products or services, to ensure appropriate measures are put in place. At Corvid, we want to make sure you get exactly the right solution. When you contact us our experts will discuss with you the most suitable course of action to deliver the result you need.

Are your solutions available individually?

Each of our cyber security solutions are available individually or as part of a combined security package. Talk to our customer service team to discuss the solution that’s right for you.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do. Contact our customer service team to arrange a discussion regarding your free trial. If you do not want to continue with Corvid’s services following the trial period, there will be no charge made and no obligation to continue. We’re certain, though, that you’ll see the benefit and will want to sign up to become a Corvid customer.

Can I get a free demo of your products?

Yes, we’d be delighted to welcome you to our state-of-the-art demo facility at our head office in Cheltenham, where we can bring the services and the value they offer to life.

Can I upgrade my existing cyber security solution to Corvid?

Absolutely. Our services can be used to augment your existing cyber defences. If you’re considering switching Managed Security provider, we can make the process as simple as possible. Find out more about switching cyber security provider.

Are your products complicated to install and manage?

Our ability to roll out our services with minimal disruption to existing systems is something we are very proud of. Some take less than five minutes to implement!  Our services have been designed to be completely frictionless, can be deployed quickly and the user community will not notice any difference to their normal IT service.

How much access to my systems will you need?

Corvid customers receive our Broker, which is US Department of Defense approved and ensures that they are always in-control of all the information that we can access. This means that whilst we provide security management services, we do not have the ability to access data without the customers’ explicit approval.

I think my systems require a higher degree of protection

At present Corvid services customers across 5 continents and currently see over 25 million attacks across our protected estate on an annual basis. Our customers are routinely subjected to malicious activity from state-sponsored threat actors, as well as sophisticated criminals and hacktivists, and rely on Corvid to provide government-grade protection. There are few, if any, Managed Security providers that were specifically designed at the outset to provide the level of defence against the most sophisticated threat actors to safeguard their parent company’s innovation, know-how and trade secrets.

Are your solutions future-proof?

The technology that Corvid provides is a combination of in-house technologies, as well as commercially available, best of breed products. This is so that the technologies do not fall behind what the attackers are doing and allows us to control the tempo of capability development as opposed to purely relying on 3rd party software providers, who are often targeted on product sales, rather than achieving optimum cyber-defence. There is no requirement for our customers to purchase additional security products; everything required is provided by Corvid.

Why is Corvid different from other suppliers?

At Corvid, cyber security is all we do; unlike a number of our competitors who also offer a wide variety of non-security related services. For example, we offer malware hunting as standard, whereas most Managed Security providers offer “SIEM as a service” and hunting as their most advanced option – within Corvid the entry-level service is hunting because we recognise that most attackers will not signpost their activities. Our entire focus is to ensure our customers get exactly the right solution they require and that it specifically meets their needs. Read more about the Corvid difference.

Why are you called Corvid?

Everything we do is driven by intelligence. Our company name comes from the Latin name for the corvid family of birds – such as crows and ravens – that display remarkable intelligence and problem solving abilities.

Who are your existing customers?

Our client base spans across the finance, legal, engineering, aerospace, government and defence industries. We never reveal details of who our customers are, so to maintain their security.

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