Protect your IP

Why cyber criminals target manufacturers

Globally, the manufacturing industry is the third most targeted sector by cyber criminals. A recent report from manufacturing membership organisation EEF, highlighted both the increase in cyber attacks against the sector and the industry’s inability to manage or understand the risks that cyber presents. Read more >

Protect your IP from social engineering attacks

Modern manufacturing makes increasing use of technology and connectivity to design, test and produce goods. The result is a growing opportunity and potential for an adversary to compromise your network as it increases your attack surface. One area in particular which should be a priority, is email protection. Read more >

Be secure, vigilant & resilient; 7 steps to reduce the likelihood

To capture the business value from emerging technologies and reduce the chances of cyber attacks, manufacturers need to remain secure, vigilant and resilient. If a cyber breach occurs, are you prepared? With manufacturing facing such a dynamic cyber risk landscape, follow these seven steps to reduce the likelihood. Read more >

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