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Patching up life support: why critical care is at critical risk

Keeping people alive is unquestionably more important than patching software, but unpatched software is vulnerable to exploitation, and won’t keep anyone alive if it leads to a breach ...

Symptoms of a COVID-19 scam

Like the virus itself, scam emails claiming to be related to coronavirus are everywhere and spreading fast, preying on the public’s panic and an insatiable hunger for the latest ...

Happy to lose £300k to cyber crime? Get a university research partner

A higher education research partner has the potential to be hugely beneficial for your business, both financially and reputationally. But universities – especially the well-funded, ...


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CORVID Email Protection


Find out how CORVID's email protection solution can become your first line of defence against the single biggest attack vector.

CORVID Network Defence

CORVID Network Defence

Discover how CORVID Network Defence can protect against the most advanced attacks that evade firewalls and anti-virus software.

CORVID Vulnerability Scanning

CORVID Vulnerability Scanning

See how CORVID Vulnerability Scanning can identify your system weaknesses, giving you a clear understanding of your IT estate.


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