How to spot malicious emails

The challenge

Some email-based cyber attacks are undetectable to the naked eye. Threat actors are intelligent and well-resourced, and their attacks are increasingly sophisticated – email gives them a means to reach users directly, with almost no defensive barriers. Knowing how to protect yourself and your business against these attacks sounds like an impossible task.

80% of businesses and 81% of charities have experienced fraudulent email-based cyber attacks over the past 12 months.

Source: Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019’

The solution

Implement technology to spot what users can’t. Train them to be vigilant and suspicious when using email, but don’t rely on users to be the frontline of your cyber defences.

CORVID's email protection solution was created so you don’t have to train users to spot complex, sophisticated email-based attacks. PERNIX's traffic light banner gives a clear, instantly visible indicator as to the nature and legitimacy of each email you receive.