New to cyber security?

The challenge

There are many aspects to cyber security, each with its own unique set of challenges, requiring an in-depth level of highly specialised knowledge. If you’re new to cyber security, this steep learning curve can be a daunting one – keeping pace with the latest threat intelligence is a full-time job in itself. There’s no shortcut to understanding the full scope of your organisation’s cyber security, so it’s going to take a substantial amount of time and effort – precious resources you could allocate elsewhere.

The three most common types of attacks are:

  1. Phishing attacks
  2. Impersonation of an organisation in emails or online
  3. Viruses, spyware or malware, including ransomware
Source: Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019’

The solution

Modern cyber threats are complex and increasingly sophisticated, so staying ahead of attackers is key to protecting your systems.

Outsourcing your cyber security challenges means they can be dealt with by a team of professionals who exclusively do cyber security. It gives you back time to get on with your day job, and provides peace of mind your systems are in safe hands.

CORVID’s cyber security services give you access to a team of highly-skilled experts, who use their extensive experience, coupled with cutting-edge technology and the latest threat intelligence, to defend your IT estate against the ever-evolving threat landscape. We ensure our reports are clear and jargon-free, enabling you to understand your cyber security posture without needing to become an expert yourself.

See how our range of services and solutions can take the pressure of cyber security off of your business today.