Remove reliance on users

The challenge

Most businesses still rely on users to spot malicious emails, essentially plugging the gaps in unsuitable cyber security strategies. There’s a common misconception that user training is the silver bullet to negating human error – if users are the ones being tricked, train users and they won’t get tricked. Easy! Except it doesn’t work like that. Humans make mistakes, and can’t be expected to spot every subtle attack method. Email-based social engineering attacks use increasingly sophisticated methods to prey on users’ trust and coerce them into doing something they shouldn’t.

The solution

Design your infrastructure so users can't bring it down, and let technology be the frontline of your cyber defences, instead of users. Implement a technological solution that presents users with enough information about an email to make an informed decision as to its legitimacy, without putting them through unnecessarily technical training. The result? Less risk to your IT estate and less pressure on your employees.

Users can never be trained on all the advanced techniques attackers use to impersonate a legitimate email address, such as Punycode. It’s neither logical nor fair to expect otherwise. Technological problems should be dealt with by technology and technological experts.

CORVID's email protection solution gives users the confidence to use email freely on a daily basis, with the ability to instantly make a fully informed decision as to an email’s legitimacy. They should still learn to be constantly vigilant and suspicious, but shifting the onus to technology removes unfair expectations and eliminates user blaming.

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