Managed Cyber Security

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Your trusted security partner

Your trusted security partner

We work with you to make your job easier. Our team includes NCSC certified cyber security experts, who will help you establish and maintain an effective response to cyber issues. Our service is built on:

  • Trust and discretion
  • Transparency
  • Expert knowledge
  • Accountability and reassurance
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Assess your risk

Assess your risk

Your threat landscape is ever changing; cyber attacks are increasing. At Corvid, we help you understand your risks, identify vulnerabilities and provide a solution. Start with a Corvid compromise assessment to:

  • See if you are or have been attacked
  • Confidence you have clean IT systems
  • Full visibility of your IT estate
  • Peace of mind
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Intelligent cyber protection

Intelligent cyber protection

Get comprehensive protection against cyber attacks with our range of managed cyber solutions. Our technology and intelligence is timely, accurate, actionable and relevant, protecting you from:

  • Malware and ransomware
  • Phishing and email fraud
  • Browser based attacks
  • Credential harvesting
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Our Platform

Corvid’s range of managed cyber security solutions have been developed to complement each other. We offer full continuous protection that is built on a proactive mentality. We assume an estate is compromised. Our intelligence constantly sweeps using those indicators, so if a breach occurs, dwell time is significantly reduced; thus limiting business impact.

Our services are quick and easy to setup with no user disruption.

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