Advanced cyber solutions for financial services

Strengthen your firm’s operational resilience, with extensive cyber threat protection.

There’s no question that the financial services sector is a significantly appealing target for greedy cyber criminals. With both wealth and assets in its remit, adversaries are after a cut of the millions of monetary transactions processed daily, the large sums of money being moved and stored, and any investment opportunity they can socially engineer into their pockets.


Prevent payment diversion fraud

Ensure email transactions with your customers are secure, and identify impersonation phishing attacks.

Protect your wealthly individuals

Keep your wealth management clients’ identities and personal details secure and confidential.

Demonstrate compliance

Limit business damage by identifying and disclosing any data breach under GDPR, with precise details and remediation steps.

Customers expect access to digitised information and online transactions, so firms need to manage the risks associated with online connectivity and proactively manage their threat landscape. Guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is clear about the requirement for cyber resilience. As your managed cyber security provider, CORVID understands your risk appetite and can help protect you against, and recover from, cyber attacks.

Key questions you should be asking

  • Can you identify genuine email instructions from your clients?
  • Do you have an effective monitoring system that identifies all indicators of compromise?
  • If you’ve been compromised, can you answer the four key questions of how and where the attack took place, what information was accessed, how to recover swiftly, and how to stop the same attack reoccurring?
  • Do your current cyber security detection techniques incorporate the latest threat intelligence?
  • Can you prove your cyber resilience to investors, to show you can protect their assets?
  • Can you demonstrate compliance and how you protect your clients’ information?

Is your website letting you down?

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How CORVID can help

Keeping cyber secure in an increasingly digitised and lucrative sector is an insurmountable challenge for those who don’t have proactive cyber security measures in place. We understand compliance is critical to financial services, and ensuring your clients’ wealth is managed competently and securely is the highest priority. Our cyber experts are on hand to initiate and maintain an effective cyber solution to meet FCA requirements, allowing you to operate efficiently and securely, and provide reassurance to your clients that they are in safe hands.

Defend against phishing and impersonation attacks

Intelligence-led email security identifies and halts social engineering attacks, to keep your clients’ financial assets safe. Our advanced email protection solution carries out a wide range of fraud and content checks to identify malicious and suspicious activity.

Payment diversion fraud, spear phishing, and impersonation are therefore instantly identifiable, minimising the chances of an attack succeeding.

Halt cyber attacks before they cause irreparable damage

Our managed detection and response solution identifies threats early through proactive threat hunting, restricting the window of opportunity attackers have to cause damage, remediating attacks, and providing guidance to stop it from happening again.

Proprietary technology, coupled with near real-time threat intelligence, allows us to detect even the stealthiest and most sophisticated attacks that bypass traditional defences.

Financial services insights

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You get an email from your CEO (who’s abroad on business) addressing you by your first name, apologising for the email late on a Friday, but requesting you urgently make a payment to a trusted regular supplier, with account details helpfully provided in the email to save time. You’d pay it, right?

11 security mistakes putting your company at risk

Cyber attacks are inevitable. But there are steps you can take to keep your business as safe as possible from danger. You can massively reduce the business impact of a cyber attack by addressing these 11 common security mistakes.

Five emails you don't want in your inbox

Phishing attacks are the most common form of cyber attack. Why? Simplicity – email gives cyber criminals an easy route in, allowing them to reach users directly with no defensive barriers, to mislead, harvest credentials and spread malicious elements.

"The cyber landscape is complex and unpredictable. When attacks happen they happen fast, in just minutes. That means response and recovery are just as important as protection and detection.

At the FCA we want firms to be resilient and robust... you understand what to protect, how you can swiftly detect an attack, and how you can respond and recover. If you can do these you will have built a successful foundation for resilience.”

Challenges you may face

Defend against impersonation attacks

Email attacks are growing in complexity, and the sophisticated tactics cyber criminals use to trick a user into doing something they shouldn’t makes them near impossible to detect. Payment diversion fraud is a serious concern for the financial sector, and users shouldn’t be relied on as a first line of defence.

Lack of skills and resources

There’s a well-documented lack of cyber skills in the global workforce. This is particularly prevalent for the financial sector, where on-the-job dependencies, customer satisfaction, and the requirement for digitised information often overshadow cyber security measures and patch management regimes.

Achieve and maintain compliance

Ensuring continuous compliance with stringent regulatory requirements can be complex and time-consuming. Since the arrival of GDPR and its associated fines for non-disclosed data breaches, data security and audit logs are under increasing levels of scrutiny.

We're proud to be part of Ultra


In 2013, CORVID was created by Ultra, a FTSE 250 company, to safeguard its military, aerospace and critical infrastructure data, as well as that of its customers and supply chain. Traditional cyber defences were insufficient to combat the evolving complexity of cyber threats – a stronger, more comprehensive solution to the problem was required.

CORVID was the answer.


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Delivering intelligent cyber defence is what we do. As your trusted security partner, we work in synergy to establish and maintain an effective response to your cyber security, in a professional, discreet and skilful manner.

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