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Manufacturers rely on continuous operations. System updates are often overshadowed to minimise costly downtime; it’s this productivity dependency which makes them an attractive target. Manufacturers must also balance their reliance on the supply chain against protecting their IP, operations, and reputation.

Created to defend a FTSE 250 manufacturers' systems

Ultra_logo_blackCORVID was developed by Ultra to safeguard its military, aerospace and critical infrastructure data, as well as that of its customers and supply chain.

Ultra knew that traditional cyber defences would be inadequate against the evolving threat landscape – CORVID was created to provide a more appropriately robust solution, delivering government-grade cyber protection.

Key questions you should be asking

  • How would you identify the weak link in your supply chain?
  • How prepared are you for your systems to be unavailable?
  • Can you be sure all linked systems in your supply chain are clean?
  • Can your email defences protect you against payment diversion fraud?
  • Could your systems withstand a ransomware attack?
  • Can you protect your IP and defence contracts from the most powerful people in the world?

Where are you going wrong?

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How CORVID can help

We understand that the manufacturing industry needs to keep productions running, with fully functional supply chains. We will work with you to establish and maintain a comprehensive response to your cyber challenges, so you can prove you’re not the weak link in the supply chain, and focus on keeping your business operational and secure. Our cyber experts provide a wealth of knowledge, advice and guidance to defend your manufacturing company against the world’s most advanced threat actors.

Prevent email-based attacks

Use technology to stop adversaries gaining a foothold in your supply chain and spreading ransomware. Our advanced email protection solution uses the latest threat intelligence and a wide range of fraud detection and content checks.

Malicious attachments, payment diversion fraud and impersonation are instantly identifiable, reducing the chances of an attack's success.

Keep operations running

Our comprehensive MDR service detects suspicious activity through proactive threat hunting and stops threat actors in their tracks, restricting the window of opportunity and remediating attacks before they cause business damage. 

Proprietary technology and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence allow us to detect even the stealthiest state-sponsored attacks.

Why do you need cyber security?

Manufacturers are perceived to not be the most technologically advanced. But with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in motion, manufacturers are having to use smart technologies, automation and digitised information to keep pace with the market or risk losing their competitive advantage.

Manufacturers need to be prepared against the modern adversary. We understand the challenges the manufacturing industry faces, and can help you implement a multi-layered security solution to protect your business from the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Low effort, high reward

Outdated and unpatched systems make manufacturers susceptible to compromise, often caught out by drive-by attacks.

Operations are valuable

Manufactures are more likely to pay a ransom, to minimise downtime and get their operations back up and running.

Critical supply chains

The MoD is focused on supply chain security; it’s imperative manufacturers can demonstrate they are not the weak link.

Manufacturing insights

Is your IP safe from the world’s most powerful adversaries?

Valuable, innovative IP is sought after by a very specific, well-funded and highly-skilled small group of people (typically nation-state actors) who will pay handsomely to get their hands on it. State-sponsored attacks are commonplace to gain this competitive advantage.

Are you the middle man or the target?

Cyber criminals will always opt for the path of least resistance – targeting the weakest link in a supply chain gives them an easy route in to much bigger prey. Relying on services from third parties makes manufacturers particularly susceptible to supply chain compromise.

It’s nothing personal; cyber criminals just want your money

Disruptive ransomware attacks on manufacturing businesses regularly make headlines. You’ve seen the stories – multinational companies are locked out, with attackers demanding Bitcoin payments in exchange for decryption software.

"Companies need to understand that if you continue to pay a ransom it perpetuates the crime. It encourages the criminals to commit further crimes. If you pay, you're fuelling organised crime on a global basis "

Challenges you may face

Minimise the impact & costs of attacks

Being able to quickly discover and shut down malicious activity is vital to protecting your organisations' operations, finances and reputation. The longer threat actors have access to your systems, the more damage they can do to your manufacturing business.

Lack of skills and resource

There’s a well-documented lack of cyber skills in the global workforce. Keeping pace with the ever-changing threat landscape is a full-time job. Manufacturers in particular get the raw end of the deal, as their valuable IP is targeted by elite, state-sponsored adversaries.

How to spot malicious emails

Some email-based cyber attacks are undetectable to the naked eye. Threat actors are intelligent and well-resourced, and their attacks are increasingly sophisticated, but it’s imperative to know how to protect your manufacturing business against these attacks.

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