CORVID was developed in 2013 to safeguard Ultra's military, aerospace, and critical infrastructure data, as well as that of its customers and supply chain. Ultra identified that traditional cyber defences were unable to combat the evolving complexity of cyber threats – CORVID was created to provide a more comprehensive solution to the cyber problem.

The protection CORVID offered to solve Ultra’s cyber challenges was so successful that the decision was taken to make the services available commercially. We’ve been leveraging our technologies, capabilities, and people to deliver industry-leading cyber protection for ourselves and our customers from the start.

We’re based in Cheltenham and that’s not a coincidence. As a fast-growing hub for cyber security in the UK, the talent and opportunities here are unrivalled.



CREST – an internationally-recognised certification for our cyber security incident response service.


Why are we called CORVID?

Everything we do is driven by intelligence. Our company name comes from corvidae – the Latin name for the family of birds such as crows and ravens, which display remarkable intelligence and problem-solving abilities.