Our managed cyber security services have been protecting a wide range of industries since 2013,
each tailored to understanding and overcoming their unique cyber challenges.

Regardless of the sector you operate in, CORVID provides industry-specific solutions that are efficient and comprehensive, delivering an extremely high standard of cyber resilience.

Financial services

Financial institutions are a prime target for cyber criminals – extortion, theft, and fraud are commonplace. We can strengthen financial firms’ operational resilience, with comprehensive cyber threat protection.


Delivering critical support 24/7 is a key priority for healthcare providers. Upgrades and patches are often bypassed to avoid system downtime, which leaves exploitable vulnerabilities. We can bolster your cyber resilience without system disruption.


Law firms are entrusted with clients’ secrets, and protecting personal, financial and corporate data is fundamental to what they do. We can protect legal practices from the inherent risks associated with online connectivity and sharing data electronically.


As our parent company is part of this vital industry, we know how important it is to keep production running, with fully-functional, secure supply chains. Our cyber solutions keep your business operational and secure, while ensuring you’re not the weak link.