Managed Email Security

Secure your business' inboxes with PERNIX.

Over 90% of cyber attacks begin with an email. Our intelligent email security solution, PERNIX, removes the risk of human error by ensuring users never have to make a decision about the legitimacy of an email’s sender, content, link, or attachment.

PERNIX delivers managed email security, protecting you and your business against impersonation, payment diversion fraud, spear phishing, business email compromise, data/IP theft, and malicious attachments, for just £30 per user, per year.


Negate human error


Targeted threat protection


Minimise user training


Effortless implementation

How it works

PERNIX uses advanced detection techniques and the latest intelligence to identify the good emails from the bad – quarantining those that present a security risk and delivering filtered, scanned emails to a user’s inbox with a traffic light banner indicating how secure the email is, and whether we’ve identified any areas of concern.



Download PERNIX email security datasheet

From the email security banner, users have the option to report an email as suspicious. This goes directly to our incident response team, who investigate fully and aim to provide a personal response to the user. The intelligence gained from these emails is fed back into the service, so we can instantly protect other users from the same attacks.

Your users will receive regular emails from the PERNIX service that summarise emails to their account which have been blocked and/or quarantined. You can choose whether this email is sent daily or weekly. 

Our cloud-based mail gateway integrates seamlessly into existing mail services, such as Office 365, Exchange, and the G-suite.

Fraud detection checks

  • Domain impersonation
    Checks for subtle misspellings or use of foreign characters

  • Secure transfer
    Verifies the email channel was securely encrypted

  • Legitimate company domain
    Ensures it is the genuine company

  • Trusted source
    Whitelists known companies

  • Reply redirection 
    Identifies if the ‘reply to’ field is different to the sender

  • Domain age
    Newly registered domains are treated as suspicious

Content checks

  • Spam identification
    Blocks blacklisted IPs, URLs and certain words/phrases

  • Malware content
    Scans for both new and old types of malware

  • Suspicious URL
    Blocks suspicious URLs

  • Previous email activity with sender
    Previous exchanges make senders more trusted

  • Active content
    Removes attachments with hidden malicious content (e.g. macros)

  • File type
    Removes file types commonly used for compromise

  • Encrypted archive protection
    Blocks malicious attachments and password-protected files that can't be scanned

PERNIX banner on iPad

Email security banner

The PERNIX banner appears on every email you receive. It uses a simple traffic light rating system, and is split by sender and content analysis to make it easy to see at a glance why a particular email may present a security risk, and which aspects could pose a threat.

  • Red – this is the highest level of alert, making sure your attention is drawn to an issue that should not be ignored. If malware is attached to the email, it will be quarantined so it does not reach your inbox. You’ll still receive an email with the warning banner, but we will have removed the malicious content.
  • Amber – our scans have found some areas of concern, which will show as warning messages in the banner, but PERNIX has deemed the email safe enough to be sent to your inbox.
  • Green – the scans haven’t found any issues, and the email appears to be legitimate.

Warning messages can be customised to suit individual business’ needs.

The email security banner also displays three links to help you manage your emails:

  1. View email info – an in-depth analysis of your email, including where it came from, and a detailed explanation of any issues identified.
  2. View all emails – click this link to access the email manager.
  3. Report as suspicious – if you receive an email you think looks suspicious, click this link to send details to us, so we can investigate.

emails-dashboardEmail manager

CORVID’s email manager is a web interface where you can manage your protected emails. You can review emails you’ve received, recover deleted emails, resend emails to your inbox, and release emails that have been blocked.

Encrypted attachments are commonly used by attackers to bypass security mechanisms. You could either permit encrypted attachments and rely on users being able to identify the difference between a malicious and benign attachment, or block encrypted files, meaning sensitive information needs to be released by the IT administrator, whether they have a need to know the information or not. Neither solution is secure.

PERNIX allows you to submit passwords for encrypted files, meaning you can retain confidentiality without compromising security or needing to understand every sophisticated type of malware. Our system uses the password to automatically decrypt the file, scan it, then release it if it’s safe – all without administrators being involved, and without security being compromised.

There’s no need for users to remember another username and password for email manager – it’s reached via a one-time access token link, which expires after 15 minutes. If your session times out, you can request another link.

Domain administrators can use their one CORVID Hub authentication method, which includes using their Microsoft or Google account.

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