Healthcare cyber security solutions

CORVID's healthcare cyber security solutions remove human dependencies and keeps IT systems operational, so you can focus on saving lives.

The healthcare sector is trusted with confidential records, and relied on for 24/7 vital support when it's needed most. It’s no secret that resources are stretched thin, and system improvements are easily overshadowed by the day job. Estates are often outdated and full of vulnerabilities, making them a prime target for cyber attackers and easy accidental victim of wider malware campaigns.

There are over 1.3 million NHS staff. Add private healthcare providers and all those who make up the supply chains, and the sector’s attack surface is monumental. We understand that if a cyber security issue arises, practices must race against the clock to mitigate adverse effects, by ensuring patient safety and data confidentiality, as well as minimising disruptions to appointments and procedures. CORVID can take this IT security burden away from your frontline staff, providing comprehensive healthcare cyber security solutions so that they can concentrate solely on patient care.

Key questions you should be asking

  • Could you identify a data breach and pinpoint exact details of any compromise to ensure data integrity and remain compliant?
  • Can your email defences protect you against sophisticated phishing and impersonation attacks?
  • Do you know of any vulnerabilities in your IT estate, or how to check if there are any?
  • Are your computer systems up-to-date and patched regularly?
  • Can you be sure all linked systems in your supply chain are free from compromise?
  • How prepared are you for your systems to be unavailable?

How CORVID can help

We understand healthcare providers are under-resourced. Frontline workers and administrative staff work in a fast-paced environment where needs are rapidly changing, and the reliance on uninterrupted operations and sharing of information between departments is vital to patient care. Our expertise and healthcare cyber security solutions strengthen your cyber resilience in the background, so you can continue to prioritise patient care without worrying about cyber threats.

Alleviate human dependencies

Remove the opportunity for users to make a mistake – rely on technology to instantly identify phishing, impersonation, and malicious attachments. Our multi-layered email defence solution uses the latest threat intelligence and a wide range of fraud and content checks, to determine the legitimacy of an email’s content, link, and attachment.

Detect and respond to threats

While traditional anti-virus software provides some protection, the threat landscape is ever-changing, and threat actors are finding new ways to evade traditional defences. Being able to detect and respond to cyber threats quickly is critical to remaining operational and ensuring minimal disruption to patient care and data.

Maximise vulnerability reduction

Lower the chance of an attacker compromising your network by employing automated security scanning to identify system vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, including unpatched software and exposed services. Using actionable intelligence, our analysts provide full, clear remediation advice on how to resolve any potential issues.

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