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Let CORVID safeguard your firm from cyber threats, so you can protect your clients.

Law firms are a prime target for adversaries, due to the volume of personal, financial and corporate information they hold, the scale of financial transactions they process, and the droves of secret and sensitive data they are entrusted with. 


Hijacking your emails

Adversaries aim to hijack your clients' email exchanges, to change payment information and mislead you into sharing information.

There’s a lot at risk

If a breach occurred, or payments were stolen, the repercussions could cause irreparable reputational damage.

Who's the actual target?

Adversaries could be after the clients you represent, and you could inadvertently divulge their most sensitive secrets.

In the not-too-distant past, legal offices were overflowing with physical paperwork, stored in physical cabinets. Now that’s all changed. We understand the challenges the data-rich legal sector faces, and we can help protect you from the inherent risk of online connectivity and sharing data electronically.

Key questions you should be asking

  • Can you guarantee data entrusted to you by your clients is safe?
  • Do you have measures in place to protect against Friday afternoon fraud?
  • Can you guarantee to protect your clients’ transactions from some of the most powerful people in the world?
  • What proactive steps is your law firm taking to protect against cyber threats?
  • How easy are you making it for attackers to reach your clients?
  • Does your cyber insurance policy protect your law firm against payment diversion fraud?

Is your website letting you down?

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How CORVID can help

We understand that confidentiality is at the heart of the legal sector. Our experienced specialists provide tangible expertise, advice and guidance on all aspects of cyber security, and work with you to establish and maintain an effective response to your cyber concerns – lessening your workload and allowing you to focus on your clients. The onboarding process is simple, and seamless integration means there is no disruption to your users.

Intelligent email security that protects your users

Use technology to stop adversaries reaching your clients and users directly. Our advanced email protection solution uses the latest threat intelligence to identify fraudulent and malicious emails.

Payment diversion fraud, spear phishing, and impersonation are instantly identifiable, reducing the chances of the attack succeeding.

Protect your systems with CORVID MDR

Our comprehensive service identifies threats early through proactive threat hunting, restricts the window of opportunity and remediates attacks before they cause damage.

Our own technology, coupled with near real-time threat intelligence, allows us to detect even the stealthiest attacks.

Legal insights

Criminals are after your clients’ money – will you give it to them?

The scale of financial transactions makes the legal sector an enticingly lucrative prospect for those with less-than-legal intentions. As law firms’ reputations are built on trust and security, keeping these payments safe is vital to staying in business.

Can you put a price on your clients’ privacy?

Law firms are a one-stop-shop for cyber criminals, with large financial transactions, and plenty of sensitive, highly valuable client information. Protecting this confidential information is paramount to keeping reputations intact.

Are you making it easy for criminals to target your clients?

Although the legal sector is plagued by cyber attacks, law firms are not necessarily the intended target. Cyber attackers have their sights on much bigger fish. Compromising a big company isn't easy, but are you providing an easy route in?

"The threats of criminals using IT to steal clients’ funds is an increasing problem. It is important that law firms develop a culture where cyber security is treated as a serious priority, and take sensible steps to warn their clients about the risks."

Challenges you may face

Defend against phishing and impersonation attacks

Why wouldn’t you trust an email that appears to be from someone you know? Email attacks are increasing in sophistication, preying on users’ trust to trick them into diverting payments or revealing sensitive information.

Remove reliance on users

Most firms rely on users to spot malicious emails, essentially plugging the gaps in unsuitable cyber strategies. Design your infrastructure so they don’t have to. Users can't be trained on all attackers' techniques. It’s neither logical nor fair to expect otherwise.

Identify and respond to threats

Being able to quickly discover and shut down malicious activity is vital to protecting your firm’s reputation, and that of your clients. The average dwell time is well over 100 days – by the time you’ve identified something suspicious, it’s probably already too late.

Part of Ultra

Ultra_logo_greyCORVID was developed in 2013 to safeguard Ultra's military, aerospace and critical infrastructure data, as well as that of its customers and supply chain. Ultra identified that traditional cyber defences were insufficient to combat the evolving complexity of cyber threats – CORVID was created to provide a more comprehensive solution to the cyber problem.

We’ve been delivering government-grade cyber protection and detection for ourselves and our customers since.

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Delivering intelligent cyber defence is what we do. As your trusted security partner, we work in synergy to establish and maintain an effective response to your cyber security, in a professional, discreet and skilful manner.

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CORVID provides a range of intelligence-driven and innovative cyber security solutions designed to suit your needs and work in partnership with you to protect your IT estate.

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