Comprehensive cyber security for law firms

Let CORVID safeguard your firm from cyber threats, so you can protect your clients.

Law firms are a prime target for adversaries, due to the volume of personal, financial and corporate information they hold, the scale of financial transactions they process, and the droves of secret and sensitive data they are entrusted with.

In the not-too-distant past, legal offices were overflowing with physical paperwork, stored in physical cabinets. Now that’s all changed. 3 in 4 law firms report being victims of cyber attacks, making cyber security for law firms absolutely paramount. We understand the challenges the data-rich legal sector faces, and we can help protect you from the inherent risk of online connectivity and sharing data electronically.

Key questions you should be asking

  • Can you guarantee data entrusted to you by your clients is safe?
  • Do you have measures in place to protect against Friday afternoon fraud?
  • Can you guarantee to protect your clients’ transactions from some of the most powerful people in the world?
  • What proactive steps is your law firm taking to protect against cyber threats?
  • How easy are you making it for attackers to reach your clients?
  • Does your cyber insurance policy protect your law firm against payment diversion fraud?

Is your website letting you down?

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How CORVID can help

We understand the complexities of cyber security for law firms and provide the ultimate safeguarding measures for confidentiality between you and your clients. Our experienced specialists provide tangible expertise, advice and guidance on all aspects of cyber security, and work with you to establish and maintain an effective response to your cyber concerns – lessening your workload and allowing you to focus on your clients. The onboarding process is simple, and seamless integration means there is no disruption to your users.

Intelligent email security that protects your users

Use technology to stop adversaries reaching your clients and users directly. Our advanced email protection solution uses the latest threat intelligence to identify fraudulent and malicious emails.

Payment diversion fraud, spear phishing, and impersonation are instantly identifiable, reducing the chances of the attack succeeding.

Protect your systems with CORVID MDR

Our comprehensive service identifies threats early through proactive threat hunting, restricts the window of opportunity and remediates attacks before they cause damage.

Our own technology, coupled with near real-time threat intelligence, allows us to detect even the stealthiest attacks.

To learn about how your practice can benefit from email security and MDR, get in touch with us for more on our cyber security solutions for law firms