Compromise Assessment

Identify if you are being, or have been, attacked with a tailored CORVID Compromise Assessment. Gain confidence as a one-off service or part of your annual security audit.

A CORVID Compromise Assessment will help you understand your estate, identify potential risks and compromises, and strengthen your security. It will also make you better equipped to protect your data, ensuring you meet the latest legal and regulatory obligations.

Using up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, alongside our in-house technology, each bespoke assessment is tailored to reflect your level of concern.

In the event an active breach is found, CORVID’s experienced cyber analysts will provide all the details and support needed for full system recovery, with no disruption to users.


Identify compromise


Demonstrate compliance


Ensure no weak links


Remediate active breaches

How it works

Typically run over a four week period, your bespoke compromise assessment will take into consideration the nature of your infrastructure, likely risks, and any incident history.


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During the detection phase of the compromise assessment, CORVID’s analysts will arrange weekly updates to let you know about any routine findings. If we identify something actively malicious, we’ll contact you immediately to advise you of your options, to isolate the incident and enable swift remediation.

A Compromise Assessment identifies:

  • Unknown malware (droppers, trojans, worms, RATs, etc.)

  • Fileless compromise

  • Persistent back doors, which allow attackers to maintain a foothold in your network

  • Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), which can increase your attack surface

  • Shadow software, which is installed without approval and not covered by company security protocols
  • Malicious executables (through process and file analysis)

  • Hijacked processes and malware using advanced masquerading techniques

  • Lateral movement, which allows attacks to spread across your systems

  • Beacons which signal infection

  • Access to known dangerous sites

Download CORVID Compromise Assessment Redacted Report

Once your assessment is complete, our analysts collate the results into a comprehensive, business-focused report, with coherent details of analysis areas, findings, and any remediation advice. This gives you a platform to articulate the effectiveness of your cyber security to stakeholders and the wider business, and highlight any areas for improvement. It also allows you to demonstrate the effectiveness of your security measures to your customers and supply chain.

The findings of your compromise assessment are 100% confidential – you will be allocated a unique identifier which is used as the only reference for your CORVID records.

Benefits of a CORVID Compromise Assessment

  • Identify adversaries right away, receive a clear profile of who they are, and how they got in and deploy rapid incident response.
  • Gain assurance prior to an acquisition or merger that their systems are secure and free from compromise before integrating with your own.
  • Receive a clear, detailed report on your cyber health to demonstrate compliance and provide customers and suppliers reassurance
  • No disruption to user activity or daily operations as your compromise assessment is produced quietly in the background.

Considering an acquisition or merger?

No matter how secure your systems are, linking with a poorly protected system gives attackers an easy route into your IT estate. Minimise the risks unknown systems pose to your IT estate by commissioning a one-off CORVID Compromise Assessment for the system you’re linking with. This gives you peace of mind that any existing vulnerabilities are identified and fixed before they can cause damage to your estate.