Proactive threat hunting and swift incident response

Detect, respond and remediate attacks before they cause business damage with CORVID Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

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Driven by our own in-house technology, with near real-time threat intelligence

Continuous threat hunting

Our agent detects compromise, so you don't need to do anything

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Significantly reduce dwell time – identify adversaries in hours, not weeks

While traditional anti-virus software provides some protection, the threat landscape is ever-changing and any organisation not adequately protected is vulnerable. One of the best ways to deal with this is by taking a proactive approach to your cyber security.

Encompassing threat hunting and incident response, CORVID Managed Detection and Response (MDR) identifies adversaries, and restricts the window of opportunity from months down to minutes, dramatically reducing the damage that can be done to your business. We assume compromise unless proven otherwise, which allows us to detect and put a stop to even the most sophisticated and stealthiest attacks.

Our proactive mentality is enabled by our own cutting-edge technology, and managed by experienced security analysts who deliver a live response.
We also provide you with answers. Understand how adversaries got in, their movements, if any information was taken (and if so, what), how to recover your systems, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Why your business needs CORVID MDR


Prevent compromise of your information


Swift detection and investigation


Get answers not alerts


No disruption to users

How it works



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The detection element uses a bespoke agent on each of your endpoints to continuously hunt for malware and threats, harvesting intelligence from:

  • Registry keys
  • Auto-runs
  • Process analysis
  • Digital signatures
  • Event logs
  • PowerShell
  • Memory analysis
  • DNS
  • URLs
  • DLL hijacking
  • Prefetch
  • System logs
  • Active sessions
  • Named pipes
  • File entropy

The agent allows our expert analysts to extract the necessary forensic details to undertake thorough analysis, without any reliance on your technologies. This data correlates into actionable information regarding the motivations, intentions and methods of attackers.

To ensure data integrity, you remain in complete control of what information CORVID's analysts can access. This is orchestrated through the broker appliance which mediates all information exchanges between CORVID and your endpoints. A simple interface allows you to specify the types of information we can access, while keeping a comprehensive audit of every single piece of information CORVID has sent to, and has been received by, the agents – more than enough to satisfy even the most demanding of auditors.

Proactive detection

Unlike traditional threat detection tools, CORVID MDR proactively hunts for malware and abnormalities using our own in-house tech. The technology stack is not designed to block, filter or deny. Instead, it highlights any inconsistencies, investigates, and traces tracks. This – along with the backing of CORVID’s intelligence – ensures near real-time detection.

High calibre response

In the event of a cyber attack, CORVID's security analysts articulate answers to how and where the compromise took place, what information was accessed, how to recover systems quickly, and how to prevent it from happening again. The team provides guidance and expertise when it’s needed most, and ensures a return to normality with minimal disruption.

Our certifications

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CORVID portal

corvid-portal-mdrOur customer portal gives you a near real-time, centralised overview of your assets and data for each solution you’re subscribed to, through our secure, intuitive web interface.

The MDR dashboard provides details of total hosts covered, latest detection activity, current incident count by type, hosts affected, and full incident reports with remediation advice. The data is presented simply and logically, and is organised by weekly, monthly and yearly summaries to allow for trend analysis and comparison.

How much does it cost?

Reap the benefits of a multi-layered threat detection and highly-skilled incident response solution from £17 per endpoint, per month*. Our proactive approach lessens the business impact of a cyber attack by significantly reducing the dwell time from months to minutes, and giving you the answers and support your business needs.

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Price from
per endpoint, per month
* based on 500 endpoints

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