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No user training or blaming

Users rely on the technology to make informed decisions

Protect your users

Strengthen your email defence and stop adversaries reaching your users

Clear security visibility

Gain control and assurance of every email with clear security indicators

Strengthen your core communications with CORVID Email Protection

Email is an essential communications platform for businesses and individuals, but is also the single biggest attack vector used by adversaries. Email provides an opportunity to target companies and also directly reach users, with the aim to compromise an estate, cause disruption, or, reap financial reward by the exfiltration of data and valuable intellectual property. Users are relied upon to have the knowledge to identify fraudulent emails; this is an impossible ask and alarming business risk.

CORVID Email Protection stops threats and gives warnings to your users if an adversary is attempting to mislead, harvest credentials or spread malicious elements. Whilst also providing an intuitive fraud and spam guard.

CORVID Email Protection provides the confidence and reassurance that your users can use email freely on a day-to-day basis, without the risk or concern regarding email threats.

With CORVID Email Protection, your business can be secure from:

  • Impersonation attacks
  • Payment Diversion Fraud
  • Spear phishing
  • Business email compromise (BEC)
  • Data / IP theft
  • Malicious attachments
  • Malware – ransomware, viruses or spyware
  • Disruption and systems going offline
  • Spam

Six key reasons your business needs CORVID Email Protection

alleviate human dependencies

Alleviate human dependencies

Sophisticated technology helps users make an informed decision regarding an email’s legitimacy, as CORVID Email Protection provides automated security analysis. This removes the reliance on users and helps improve their productivity.

Dramatically reduce user training

Dramatically reduce user training

CORVID Email Protection performs a wide variety of fraud detection and content checks, so users don’t need to identify the latest phishing, spear phishing or social engineering techniques. 


Updated protection against the latest threats

CORVID Email Protection keeps pace with the latest threats through timely, accurate and actionable intelligence provided by the security experts at CORVID. Multiple sophisticated detection engines and threat intelligence sources are employed to ensure near real-time email security and threat protection.


Effortless installation and integration

Although extremely sophisticated, CORVID Email Protection is simple to install, use and manage. It integrates seamlessly with multiple email providers and platforms such as Exchange, Office 365 and the G-suite.

Keep data integrity

Keep data integrity

Confidentiality is assured with CORVID Email Protection. Users manage their own password-protected documents so the system can perform the necessary security checks without an IT Administrator’s involvement or access. 


Get peace of mind

With CORVID, email protection is made easy. Simply install and let the intelligent email security system filter unwanted emails and protect your business from attacks. You can be assured your users will remain safe.

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Visible security with each email

email-banner-2Identifying threats and fraudulent emails couldn’t be simpler. The CORVID Email Protection banner appears on every inbound email and provides users with instant visibility of their security by displaying a simple traffic light header (Red / Amber / Green), illustrating the nature and legitimacy.

From the banner, users are able to manage their own emails and find out more information of what could be a reason for concern. This is particularly important for fraud detection, or to check an email’s origin.

IT Administrators are able to fully customise the displayed warning messages on the banner, or it can be disabled, if preferred.

Simple and secure email manager

email-banner-2The CORVID email manager is an intuitive console that allows users to self-manage their emails, including the ability to release blocked emails.

For IT Administrators, the CORVID email manager provides a powerful overview of their email security. Here, they can manage emails for all users and view a plethora of reports showing traffic, trends, threat sources and geographical data.

The CORVID email manager is reached through the CORVID banner, accessible via a one-time access token link. This additional security layer removes the need for users to remember credentials and means no management by IT Administrators.

How CORVID Email Protection works

CORVID Email Protection is a cloud-based mail gateway that seamlessly integrates into your existing mail solution. Using advanced detection techniques it identifies the good emails from the bad and delivers filtered, scanned emails to a user’s inbox with the appropriate security protection applied. This is identified by the CORVID banner, which uses straightforward traffic light colour categorisation to indicate inbound email security.

Setup and configuration typically takes less than 5 minutes, as it simply involves changing two records, MX and SPF. Thus allowing IT Administrators to introduce a robust superior email security solution, without any business downtime or user disruption.



Fraud detection and content checks

CORVID Email Protection undertakes a broad range of fraud detection and content checks to identify which emails are safe, suspicious or wholly malicious. It goes beyond traditional built-in protection and uses the latest threat intelligence to provide the appropriate user protection; this could be replacing links, or, blocking an email entirely. CORVID Email Protection checks against the following, which in turn, protects you from severe cyber attacks.

Fraud detection checks

  • Domain impersonation
    To ensure domain legitimacy – no deception through subtle misspellings or use of foreign characters

  • Secure transfer
    To ensure data integrity – verifying the email encryption channel for susceptibility to interception

  • Legitimate company domain
    To ensure domain authenticity – that it is the official company

  • Trusted source
    To ensure trusted senders – add known companies to a whitelist

  • Reply redirection 
    To ensure intended sender reply address – identifying the ‘reply-to’ field has not been altered

  • Domain age
    To ensure genuine domains – newly registered domains are treated as suspicious; the more established, the more reliable

Content checks

  • Spam identification
    To ensure spam filtering – known blacklist IP addresses and URLs are blocked; as are content identifies including: rules, words and phrases

  • Malware content
    To ensure malware is blocked – multiple anti-virus scans and CORVID’s threat intelligence prevent existing and emerging types of malware

  • Suspicious URL
    To ensure safe links – identifying and replacing suspicious URLS or blocking them entirely

  • Previous email activity with sender
    To ensure safe senders – previous correspondence makes them more trusted

  • Active content
    To ensure no hidden activity – attachments with embedded malicious content are removed, before being filtered through to the user

  • File type
    To ensure attachments are safe – common files used to compromise a computer are removed

  • Decryption archive files – zips, pdf and Office files
    To ensure encrypted attachments are safe – archive files with malicious content are blocked; password protected files are blocked, unless the user has shared the password through the email manager and it passes checks after decryption

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