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Protect your users and stop fraudulent emails in their tracks with our advanced email protection system

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PERNIX – Protection from email attack

PERNIX is our robust hosted email protection service that protects users from fraudulent emails and phishing scams.

PERNIX becomes the first line of defence against email threats. It stops fraudulent emails from ever being received, utilising a range of fraud detection and content checks to make decisions so that users don’t have to. With PERNIX, organisations can be confident that the emails they receive are safe, genuine and free from threats.

Key features


Intelligent fraud detection

With email protection provided by PERNIX, users feel confident that Corvid’s wealth of threat intelligence is being used to safeguard their inbox. Our advanced fraud detection and content checks block spoof emails and those from known fraudster addresses.


Assurance with every email

All external emails include our PERNIX Banner showing if any issues have been detected, and the nature of those issues.


No complicated set-up

PERNIX can be installed and start providing immediate protection without costly or complicated setup.


Users can manage their own emails

Users can log into the PERNIX Email Manager dashboard, enabling them to view, manage and recover their emails.

The threat of email disruption

Email is essential to the running of most organisations, but is completely insecure. This means that it is possible for untrusted parties to not only read emails but to change and imitate them too.

Attackers know how to use email vulnerability to their advantage. Threat actors – those responsible for creating perpetrating these crimes – are becoming more advanced in their attacks, with phishing and fraudulent emails increasingly difficult to spot.

Money, credentials, customer data, and other valuable intellectual property are all at risk. Disruption caused by email attacks can cost millions, but a scalable email protection system can cost just a tiny fraction of this.

With PERNIX protection enabled, your users can feel confident that every email they receive is safe.

The PERNIX Banner - Security with every email

The PERNIX banner on each received email displays a simple traffic light (Red / Amber / Green) rating system to illustrate the nature of each email quickly and easily. Administrators can choose to display optional warning messages to provide users with further information on any potential issues.


Green banner

The majority of emails received will display the green PERNIX Banner. It shows that PERNIX has scanned the email for any potential issues and it appears to be legitimate.

Amber banner

The amber banner indicates that the email received is safe, but potentially has some areas of concern. Clicking on the ‘View email info’ link provides further information about any potential issues.

Red banner

The red PERNIX banner indicates that an email containing malicious or potentially dangerous content has been quarantined for the user’s safety.

The banner also includes some additional functionality:

View email info link
Get a thorough diagnosis of an email including routing data and details of any issues (pictured).

Manage your emails link
Provides access to the PERNIX Email Manager where all received, sent and blocked emails can be viewed.

Sender ID
Be sure of exactly who sent the email.

Report email as suspicious
If a user has any concerns about an email they can report it directly to the PERNIX security team.


The PERNIX Email Manager

Accessible via the banner, the PERNIX Email Manager allows users to view, manage and release quarantined emails from the last 30 days. Key features include:

Fully responsive design gives users the ability to manage their emails on any device
Request release of any blocked emails
Resend any deleted emails
Full diagnostics with every received email – view routing data and detail of any potential issues


IT administrators have access to a separate PERNIX Email Manager where they have the facility to review and release blocked emails for all users.

Fraud detection and content checks

Every email is scanned for advanced fraud detection and content checks, including:

Fraud detection checks:

Domain impersonation
Ensuring the originating domain is genuine, and no deception through use of foreign characters and subtle misspelling

Secure transfer
Transfer layer security checks whether the email has been sent using an encrypted channel – if not it may be vulnerable to interception

Company domain check
Identifying that it is an official domain

Trusted domain check
Known companies that are in regular contact can be added to this list

Reply redirection
Identifying the ‘reply-to’ is different from the sender is an important element of spotting phishing/fraud

Content checks:

Spam identification
Emails are checked against blacklists to identify suspicious IP addresses and URLs. They are also reviewed for rules, words, combinations and phrases that are identifiers of spam

Malware content
Multiple anti-virus scans are run against all emails and attachments, alongside Corvid’s threat intelligence database for existing and emerging types of malware

Suspicious URL
Identifying URLs within the email, testing them to see if they are known to be malicious and if so, removing them

Active content check
Scanning attachments to determine if there is embedded content that could be used to compromise the user. Removing the potentially malicious elements and passing the remaining file through the system

File type check
Scanning the attachments and stripping files that are commonly used to compromise computers (and rarely sent by ‘users’)

Find out more about the checks and how they are displayed on each email in our Pernix Email Protection User Guide.

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PERNIX Email Protection is available as a standalone product or as part of one of our cyber security packages. To find out more about PERNIX or to request a free demo please get in touch.

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