WAARDEN Network Defence

Sophisticated network defence that goes beyond traditional firewalls and anti-virus software

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WAARDEN - Network defence beyond firewalls

Corvid’s WAARDEN service provides sophisticated managed network defence, protecting, detecting and investigating advanced attacks that are designed to evade firewalls and anti-virus.

WAARDEN achieves the network defence that firewalls alone can never manage, providing a combination of an evolving network platform alongside expert analysis from our security analysts.

Understanding the threat to your network

Cyber criminals dedicate their time to bypassing firewalls and anti-virus. They constantly develop techniques to evade these traditional defences by designing payloads and malware that mimic normal user behaviour.

Traditional nIDS (network intrusion detection systems) monitor network traffic to detect potential hacking activities or denial of service attacks, but these can be difficult to manage.

How WAARDEN works

WAARDEN is different from traditional network defence solutions. It…



Protects, detects and investigates advanced attacks designed to evade firewalls and anti-virus



Uses detailed network analytics to find hosts that are compromised based on communication behaviour



Dynamically examines potentially hostile files moving around your network



Blocks network-based attacks through deep packet inspection and signature matching

Key Features


Intelligence-based attack detection

Corvid’s comprehensive advanced detection signatures detect attackers at the network layer.


Identification of malicious payloads

WAARDEN statically and dynamically examines potentially hostile downloaded files to ensure that they do not represent a new form of malware.


Known factor attack detection

Open-source intelligence and market leading subscriptions are used to detect and analyse possible attacks and determine which are genuine and which are false-positives.


Identification of compromised assets

WAARDEN can identify hosts that are already compromised, including the identification of the type of malware that has infected the computer.


Time intelligence attack detection

Just in time intelligence is used to help identify attacks that would defeat signature detection methods.

Get WAARDEN Network Defence for your business

WAARDEN is available as a standalone service or as part of one of our cyber security packages. To find out more about WAARDEN or to request a free demo please get in touch.

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