Network security with threat landscape articulation

Protect against the most advanced attacks that evade firewalls and anti-virus software with CORVID Network Defence.

Prevent network-layer attacks

Stop threats at the boundary, when operated as an IPS

Intelligence-based detection

Identify suspicious activity in your network, when operated as an IDS

Threat landscape clarification

Understand precise details of network security incidents and breaches

Threat actors are continuously adapting techniques to evade traditional defensive measures. Although they provide a vital defence layer, these barriers with pre-set conditions are inadequate to protect against today’s cyber threats.

CORVID Network Defence provides a key additional layer of cyber security to enhance your resiliency, while providing coherent, actionable threat information. It combines traditional nIDS (network intrusion detection system) functionality to monitor network traffic and detect potential hacking activities, with clear articulation of the number and type of network-based attacks, ensuring you have a strong understanding of your network security. Our solution can be used as either an intrusion prevention system (IPS) or intrusion detection system (IDS).


Why your business needs CORVID Network Defence


Advanced, intelligent network security


Clarity and transparency


Achieve and maintain compliance


Tangible expertise

How it works


CORVID Network Defence uses a custom appliance that can either be situated onsite between your network and the internet, or enabled through the use of network taps. Either option ensures that there’s no interference with your day-to-day business activities.

The appliance provides CORVID analysts with a wealth of data to analyse, including deep packet inspection, statistical information, and packet capture. This analysis is facilitated through the management console. From here, the team is able to identify suspicious network activity and any compromises. Results are then reported back in an easy to understand format, allowing you to action any remediation advice.

Changes to your firewall may be required to allow the appliance to communicate with CORVID via a VPN tunnel.

Robust protection and detection

Protecting networks against cyber attacks can be time consuming. Using CORVID Network Defence helps you make the most of your network defences, and means our cyber security analysts manage your network security and endpoint defences that firewalls and anti-virus can’t do alone.

CORVID’s team continually investigates every possible trigger and communication behaviour to find indicators of compromise. Therefore, if a host is compromised, or hostile files are moving around your network, they are identified to allow swift remediation.

CORVID Network Defence provides a solid first layer of cyber security. It is available as a standalone service, or can complement and work seamlessly alongside the full CORVID Managed Detection and Response service for complete peace of mind.

Stop threats entering your network

Find out how CORVID Network Defence can strengthen your network security to help protect your business from the most advanced network-layer attacks.

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