Maximise vulnerability reduction with minimal effort using intelligent vulnerability scanning

Reduce the opportunity of an attacker compromising your network with CORVID Vulnerability Scanning.

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Reduce system weaknesses

Get clear business-focused reports that identify vulnerabilities with full remediation advice

Streamline patch management

Prioritise and fix the system weaknesses that impact your business the most

Exemplify security posture

Be confident your cyber security effort is working, with a monthly Attack Surface Indicator (ASI)

Mitigate risk with CORVID Vulnerability Scanning

Understanding the vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure is the first step to managing them. Adversaries use system weaknesses including unpatched software, poorly configured services, default passwords or exposed services to compromise an IT estate, leaving businesses vulnerable to attack.

CORVID Vulnerability Scanning is a proactive solution that enables you to fully comprehend your risk and manage your attack surface.

Using best in class technology, CORVID Vulnerability Scanning routinely scans your entire estate to identify potential vulnerabilities. This information is used by CORVID security analysts to provide a simple-to-understand monthly report, offering clear and actionable intelligence and remediation advice on how to resolve any potential issues in your IT systems.

Six key reasons your business needs CORVID Vulnerability Scanning

Reduce cyber attack opportunities

Reduce cyber attack opportunities

CORVID Vulnerability Scanning service aids your attack surface management as each scan provides actionable information to reduce the likelihood of a compromise. CORVID intelligence is constantly evolving, ensuring up-to-date remediation against the latest security flaws.

Improve time efficiency

Improve time efficiency

Keeping pace with your changeable IT Infrastructure is time consuming; as is the maintenance to keep systems secure. CORVID Vulnerability Scanning is a managed service. The team takes care of the administrative and maintenance tasks, enabling you to prioritise security improvements and to spend your time achieving results.

Vulnerability remediation advice

Clear vulnerability remediation advice

Each month CORVID provides factual evidence of insecure and unpatched endpoints and precise instructions of how to fix them; this could include changing a patch, registry key, certification checking or updating software. The reports are clear with no cyber jargon.

Evidence patch management systems are working

Evidence patch management systems are working

CORVID Vulnerability Scanning provides a clear picture of your cyber security posture with an Attack Surface Indicator (ASI). As your ASI is tracked monthly, you can clearly see the efficiency of your patch management system over time. 

Manage your external reputation

Manage your external reputation

CORVID Vulnerability Scanning service also helps safeguard your reputation by scanning your public websites to check for defamation. Any concerns are flagged for further investigation.

No additional investment with CORVID

No additional investment

The proactive managed service provides all the resources and expertise needed to improve your cyber security, without you having to invest more time and effort in a complex and niche area of technology. CORVID is your trusted security partner, making your job easier.

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Proactive protection

Cyber attacks are inevitable and safeguarding your IT Infrastructure takes time, effort and dedication. CORVID Vulnerability Scanning makes the daily management easier, as your estate is continuously monitored and risks are identified early; giving you a true picture of your attack surface and where resource is best placed.

CORVID Vulnerability Scanning is essential for any business. It can be implemented as a standalone cyber security solution, or can be complemented and work seamlessly alongside the full CORVID Managed Detection and Response service for complete peace of mind.

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How CORVID Vulnerability Scanning works - Click for a larger version

How it works

CORVID’s proactive attack surface management service routinely scans all network connected devices using one or several engines hosted within your own infrastructure, with secure connectivity back to CORVID. The data received is checked against our database of vulnerabilities and interpreted by our security analysts who, after taking account of current attack trends, identify the most pertinent vulnerabilities and compile a custom report detailing the results of our security scans, with actionable advice to identify and patch vulnerabilities.

CORVID Customer Portal

CORVID customer portal

CORVID Vulnerability Scanning customers have access to a near real-time centralised overview of their cyber security posture via our customer portal – an intuitive, secure website interface.

Advanced data summary and visualisation pages provide details of the current attack surface, target ASI, and latest monthly scanning results, including hosts scanned, vulnerabilities found and patch management advice.

The data is presented simply and logically, and is organised by weekly, monthly and yearly summaries to allow for trend analysis and comparison.


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