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VARIS – Manage your attack surface

Corvid’s VARIS solution is a pro-active vulnerability scanning service that reduces the opportunity for attackers to access systems and restrict what they can do if they manage to get in.

VARIS scans across an entire IT system to identify vulnerabilities, understand them and assist with learning how to minimise the risk of attack.

Understanding the risk to your infrastructure

Cyber attackers prey on system weaknesses to exploit vulnerabilities in an IT infrastructure, through unpatched software, poorly configured services, default passwords or exposed services.

These vulnerabilities dictate the size of an organisations attack surface. For many businesses it is not practical to continuously maintain an accurate picture of their attack surface and any potential security flaws, as this leaves their systems increasingly vulnerable to the wide range of techniques used by attackers.

The VARIS dashboard

VARIS works to reduce your vulnerabilities. It scans across an entire IT system to identify vulnerabilities, with the data being examined and interpreted by our analysts. The results are presented in a clear, easy to understand dashboard, prioritising the activity required. The attack surface is tracked over time, giving valuable insight into an organisation’s security posture and providing long-term assistance in reducing threat exposure.

The vulnerability scan is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer, providing direct assistance to IT departments with practical advice.


How VARIS works

VARIS Vulnerability Scanning works by offering:


Regular device checks

All network connected devices are checked against our database of vulnerabilities


In depth analysis

Corvid’s security analysts interpret the results and work with IT administrators to manage and mitigate the associated risks


Attack limitation

Reduces opportunity for attackers to get in and limits what they can do

Key features


Identify key vulnerabilities

Data is interpreted by our security analysts who, after taking account of current attack trends, identify the most pertinent vulnerabilities, and work with IT administrators to manage and mitigate the associated risks.


Pro-active Corvid management

Intelligence harvested from Corvid’s extensive managed security offerings provides peace of mind that the attack surface is being pro-actively managed.


Reduce attack opportunities

VARIS scans provide actionable information which can be used to effect change and reduce the opportunities presented to an attacker and practical advice on mitigation and remediation.


Evolving database

The vulnerability database which powers VARIS is constantly evolving as new security flaws are identified.


Tracking over time

VARIS enables the attack surface to be tracked over time, giving valuable insight into the customer’s security posture.


No additional investment

VARIS is a managed service, so customers gain the business benefit of improved security without the pain of having to divest time, effort and money in a complex and niche area of technology which is not part of their core business.


Tailored scanning

Corvid security analysts tailor the scan to meet the specific requirements of each customer, with consideration given to legacy equipment and business critical assets, and scans are designed to be non-disruptive.


Visible security health

VARIS enables IT administrators to demonstrate an improving picture of security health across their estate. Not only does this provide a real benefit in reducing the likelihood of a compromise, but it illustrates the effort and hard work that is often overlooked in keeping systems secure and up to date.

Get VARIS Vulnerability Scanning for your business

VARIS is available as a standalone service or as part of one of our cyber security packages. To find out more about VARIS or to request a free demo please get in touch.

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