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Patching up life support: why critical care is at critical risk

Keeping people alive is unquestionably more important than patching software, but unpatched software is vulnerable to exploitation, and won’t keep anyone alive if it leads to a breach of your IT systems,...

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Symptoms of a COVID-19 scam

Like the virus itself, scam emails claiming to be related to coronavirus are everywhere and spreading fast, preying on the public’s panic and an insatiable hunger for the latest information, government...

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Happy to lose £300k to cyber crime? Get a university research partner

A higher education research partner has the potential to be hugely beneficial for your business, both financially and reputationally. But universities – especially the well-funded, prestigious Russell Group –...

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Three ways your website is making it easy for attackers

Cyber attackers are quietly appreciative of businesses across all sectors for making their job easier. With all the information they need to craft their attack laid out neatly in front of them, adversaries...

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Rockin' around the cyber security contract

Aside from the usual “strict diet and fitness regime starts on 1 January” resolution that everyone makes and forgets by February, now is the perfect time to take stock of your company’s cyber health. Was your...

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It's nothing personal; cyber criminals just want your money

Disruptive ransomware attacks on manufacturing businesses regularly make headlines. You’ve seen the stories – multinational manufacturing companies are locked out of their IT systems, with attackers demanding...

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Is your IP safe from the world’s most powerful adversaries?

What if someone had stolen the designs for the first iPhone? Would you still fork out hundreds of pounds for the latest model, or would you buy the exact same handset for a mere fraction of the cost from...

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Are you the middle man or the target?

Cyber criminals will always opt for the path of least resistance – targeting the weakest link in a supply chain gives them an easy route in to much bigger prey. Relying on hardware, software, and services from...

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Are you making it easy for criminals to target your clients?

Although the legal sector is relentlessly plagued by cyber attacks, law firms themselves are not necessarily the intended target. Cyber attackers have their sights on much bigger fish.

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Can you put a price on your clients’ privacy?

Law firms are a one-stop-shop for cyber criminals – not only can they get their hands on large financial transactions, but there’s plenty of sensitive, highly valuable client information to be had too....

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Criminals are after your clients’ money – will you give it to them?

The scale of financial transactions makes the legal sector an enticingly lucrative prospect for those with less-than-legal intentions. As law firms’ reputations are built on trust and security, keeping these...

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Five emails you don't want in your inbox

Phishing attacks are the most common form of cyber attack. Why? Simplicity – email gives cyber criminals an easy route in, allowing them to reach users directly with no defensive barriers, to mislead, harvest...

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